About Us

In 2019, while we decided to sell items from our house that were no longer needed, we used the available marketplaces and social networks; realizing how cumbersome the time that must be invested to answer different "buyers" or interested parties who often only ask for a better price and, in the end, ended up not buying, in addition to occasionally losing sales due to not being able to answer those questions on time from whom were actually interested, either because we had so many messages and we get discouraged or because our working hours do not allow us to be aware of our devices at all times. In addition to how complicated it becomes to coincide to deliver the product we sell since it is not in a physical store, and to a certain extent, insecure since we must even share our personal contact information.

Determined to facilitate the buying and selling experience, we opted to create a Marketplace where we can, not only upload our products to sell and have to take care of all of the above, but instead we created KIOOVO, the marketplace that is our perfect sales assistant, where we can delegate the automated negotiation of our products and connect with the perfect buyer, making it easier for us to obtain different offers, which with our algorithm, analyzes and negotiates in order to obtain the highest possible value for our products within the range we previously stipulated and are willing to discount if needed. As well as to coordinate the meeting place to deliver the products within the available hours that best suits us, taking away the back-and-forth communications, additionally making it safer without the need to share our personal contact information with anyone. This, without requiring to be aware of our devices to answer the different interested buyers and is only necessary when we receive the notification that our product has been requested for purchase. Receiving in a single message the sale price, to whom it was sold and the place and time to meet to proceed with the delivery and collect transaction.

Why Choose Kioovo?

Get what you deserve. Let us take care of the negotiation. You just upload, deliver and collect.

How it works?

Upload Your Product/s Sale

Decide if the price is fixed or negotiable; If it is negotiable, you must stipulate your minimum acceptable price (this helps us understand how much you are willing to discount and how much we can negotiate in order to get the best value possible. This is NEVER seen by the buyers at any time).

Your Product Sells

Our algorithm will take all the offers received, if they do not meet your expectations, we will negotiate to obtain the best value, and it will decide your best option. Easy, Fast, Convenient. You will only receive the notification with the final selling price, information on who wants your product and the information of the place and time to proceed with the transaction

Conveniently Deliver And Collect

For your safety and convenience, the only delivery places will be those that you previously uploaded with your preferred location and time, from which the buyer will choose the one that suits the best if you give different options.

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You can contact us from here, you can write to Us, you can call to us, we will gladly assist you.